Sunday, March 27, 2005

National Day of Puppetry is April 23rd!

Of course the Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild will be celebrating puppetry.

Here's the press release:


On Saturday April 23rd the Cincinnati Puppetry Guild will be celebrating the 7th annual National Day of Puppetry with performances, workshops, demonstrations and displays.
Come join our guild members for a fun filled afternoon.

When: Saturday April 23rd from 11am -2pm

Where: St Peters United Church of Christ

6120 Ridge Ave (just north of Montgomery rd)

Cost: $ 1.00 per person at the door (children 2 & under free)

Events recommended ages 5 & up

In the history of America, from Native American puppet representations, traveling troupes from the revolutionary War, onwards through the vaudeville and arts theater entertainments, into the early days of television with stars like Howdy Doody and Beanie and Cecil and movies like Lili, The Sound of Music and the Muppet Movie series, into the present with Sesame Street, The Muppet show, Shari Lewis Show and many local and regional programs, puppets have played an important role in American Theater and have helped to positively shape the minds of our young people. In addition, puppets are used in the classroom, in physical and mental therapy and as a source of pleasure for all ages.

The Puppeteers of America Inc. a national nonprofit corporation founded in 1937, to encourage and promote puppetry as a means of communication, an extension of human expression and as performing art to enhance the proficiency for the Art of Puppetry, both professional and amateur, has declared April 23rd 2005, as National day of Puppetry. Puppet shows, festivals, exhibits, workshops and other puppetry activities will take place throughout the nation.

In case you are curious, or just wish to say hello, I will be at Cincinnati's NDoP from 11 AM until 1 PM. I will be presenting "Cyril the Cincinnati Sea Monster" - The birth of a puppet: from idea to performance. Come and say "Hi!".

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