Saturday, March 26, 2005

An idea for the future

I have a problem. I am always thinking of things that I want to do with puppets, yet have limited time, energy, and money to see them through. Oh well. I have been thinking that one day I would like to create abridged versions (under 5 minutes) of cheesy sci-fi/horror B-movies. I think this was inspired by The Reduced Shakespeare Company, and cartoons (of course!).

The two films that I would like to "reduce" with puppets are Robot Monster and It Conquered the World, which was remade for television as Zontar the Thing from Venus. I know that these are BAD films, but for whatever reason, I LOVE THEM! Besides, look at these "great monsters":

Ro-Man from "Robot Monster"

Monster from "It Conquered the World"

Zontar? (I am not certain if this is the famed monster)

I think that this could be pulled off using simple glove puppets with two puppeteers, a simple cardboard set, and cheesy music! We shall see what the future holds for B-Movies: abridged!

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