Sunday, April 04, 2010

My first fan art!

No amount of money could replace the feeling I felt when my wife told me that the students that I performed for last month created thank you cards, complete with pictures of my puppets!


I was really touched, and impressed with their artwork. The children must have been paying attention to my little show, because their art really captures the likeness of Cyril, Coleman, and G'Wazzl G'Wook.


What is special to me is that these children were my first audience that were there to see my puppets. All of my previous performances have been in puppet slams with other puppeteers.


It is very obvious that I made some sort of connection with them in the ten minute show. That connection is priceless. It may be foolish, yet making money through puppetry has never been my motivation.

Cyril, TjB, and G'Wazzl

Here is some of the children's art:

Cyril and his tail fan art

Cyril fan art

G'Wazzl & Cyril fan art




Coleman & Cyril fan art

Cyril & Coleman fan art

G'Wazzl fan art

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