Friday, March 05, 2010

Coleman/Furry Guy v.2 rebuild has begun!

With much help from my very crafty (and lovely) wife, the rebuild of the "Coleman" (AKA "Furry Guy") puppet has begun. I had cut out the fabric last October, yet cut it much to large for a puppet that is supposed to be a small Sasquatch.

Lara's sharp eye spotted this and helped get the body of the puppet to look like something Sasquatchy. Now I must build the mouthplate and get it into the puppet's head, after that it's the eyes.

I am still up in the air about the puppets arms. Lara thinks he should not have arms, while I think it should. We'll see.

Furry Guy inspecting his new skin
Furry Guy, who has been renamed Coleman, inspects his new skin

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