Monday, February 01, 2010


In addition to my 2010 goal to get my puppet show out onto a stage I am trying to take my children to see one puppet show a month. January's show was called Wild Puppets!

The program was presented by two naturalists from the Cincinnati Parks department at the La Boiteaux Woods nature preserve. They gave two short puppet plays about the animals found in and around the nature preserve using this puppet tree:


The children in the audience were able to make either make their own owl puppet or a possum puppet out of a paper bag. I had my hands full while trying to keep Tiernan from running all around. We were lucky that a one of Eleanor's classmates was at the show too, her mother helped Eleanor make this nifty owl puppet:


The puppets were mostly Folkmanis puppets and the performance, while not top notch, was just fine for young children. My children loved seeing the animals, and playing with a lady bug puppet (Eleanor) and a stag beetle puppet (Tiernan). Of course I got to do a bit of puppetry when the naturalists had the audience pick up a puppet to participate with. I grabbed a toad puppet and did my Kermit impersonation that got a few laughs. We were also able to pet a rat snake who lives at the nature preserve.

Overall we had a great time, as you can see by looking at this photo of Tiernan:


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